[ TAIWAN '14 ] 7 days of Summer ☀ Day 02 of behind the scenes of 台中Taichung Pre-Wedding photoshoot

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We wanted to get the pre-wed photoshoot done and over with the 2nd day of our trip so we woke up bright and early at 6+ to wash up and wait for our photographer Gary and stylist Zoe to reach Forro Cafe minsu at 7am, their 6am is like our 8am! Super bright already haha

Zoe used hot rollers to create my first hairstyle to get that super volumized feel and I loved that makeup she did! Simple but just right for the look i was going for.

Look 01:

Zoe styling leon's hair and his makeup. (:

After we were done with the shoot at Forro (sneakpeeks of the shoot soon!)
Gary sent us to INO HOME which will be our minsu for the next 2 nights to leave our luggage there + check in first!

Our 2nd portion of the photoshoot was done at Zoe's 工作室 and while Zoe did my hair for the 2nd look Gary was really nice to go tabao the famous 阿三肉圆 and soup for us for lunch!

Like a uncle only! 

ZOE'S 工作室 is really pretty with all the 干燥花that she made~

Love these dried billy balls, so cute, I wanna try my hand in 干燥花 too!

Look 02: Headband braids + curls!



LOL people always tell me i'm so lucky to have a boyfriend who can sing to me all the time, yes i love it but the truth is he will purposely annoy me by singing/screaming super loudly and awefully most of the time! hahaha plus helloooooo i've been listening to him for 10 years already!

Other than 干燥花 Zoe also has many buckets of gorrrrgeous fresh flowers that she uses to make bouquets for her brides for the pre-wedding shoot!

The hydrangeas bouquet she made for me, super adorbs or what? Looks so perfect in every angle, i think i might want something similar for my actual day bouquet! (:

Look 3: Side-do curls! 

Zoe even managed to find a piece of ribbon that is of the exact shade of my grey evening gown to add to my hair do. (:

Hello you! And off we go to our 3rd outdoors location to capture the evening hours light and the "golden hour". LOL leon says this photo looks like we're heading off to elope and get married already or something.

Some "behind the scenes" shots Zoe helped us take with my iphone! (:

After we're done shooting at 2 locations at that area, I was melting and looking like a HOT MESS, literally! I was all freaked out from sitting in the field where gazillion little crickets/grasshopper thing hopped into the outer layer of mesh of my evening gown and i was jumping up and down all of the place trying to get the crickets off me/the gown. 

Even thou I was in such a mess, Zoe managed to clean and touch up my makeup up and style my previous hairstyle into a gorgeous messy updo, and styled my short fringe as if i still have my long fringe hehe! Super love her, 不愧是ZOE老师! 

She's really damn awesome i swear. Hahahah i wish i have the budget to fly her down to singapore to be our MUA for the actual wedding day! But we must save $$$ for our honeymoon so boo boo.

啊…闭眼养神一下下 while we go to our last location nearby…
One last "behind the scenes" shots Zoe took with my iphone!

To be honest we were reeeeeeally beat from having not enough sleep the day before having to reach the airport so early + the night before + the entire day of the shoot so i'm quite worried if the photos will turn out good. After this location we headed back to Zoe's 工作室 and did a couple more shots with the classic studio backdrop.

Can't wait to see the shots by Gary! Here are their FB pages if you're interested in doing a shoot in taiwan too, you can simply drop them a FB message.

Photographer: Gary Chiu
Wedding Gowns: 愛情,蔓延 精緻婚紗 
Makeup. Florals. Styling: Zoe Shen

 After everything ended, they brought us to this hotplate 牛排 place for dinner:

台湾 style 牛排 with noodles! Quite yummy actually! (:

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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Carrie said...

Haha babe, I know that Leon is a singer, but it never registered that he is a singer until I saw the video you posted!

YOUR OUTFIT, HAIR, MAKE UP, EVERYTHING is so chio!!! :) Looking forward to your wedding photos!! They're gonna be so awesome! <3